Entry form FIM EX-bike World Cup Mons 30/04/2023

Note: Pays/country: for Great Britain: chose Royaume-Uni de Grande Bretagne et d’Irlande de Nord




The entry fee of 25 EUR is payable upon arrival on the welcome office of the event.


NB: Any references to the male gender in these documents refer also to the female gender except when the context requires otherwise.

By signing this entry form, the participant (rider and/or team) attests to the accuracy of the information provided. He confirms that he is cognisant with and accepts the relevant FIM documents currently in force, including but not limited to the FIM Sporting Code, the FIM Statutes, the FIM Code of Ethics, the FIM Anti-Doping Code, the FIM Environmental Code, the FIM Disciplinary and Arbitration Code and the FIM E-Bike Cross World Cup Sporting & Technical Regulations currently in force as well as the Supplementary Regulations of each FIM E-Bike Cross World Cup round.

These texts are available at http://www.fim-moto.com

Any change to the above texts made according to the prescribed procedures is deemed to be accepted by the undersigned participant.

Furthermore, the undersigned participant undertakes to comply fully with the instructions and directives of the FIM, the organisers and the officials.

The participant also attests in particular that he is cognisant with the FIM Anti-doping Code currently in force and agrees to submit to it unreservedly. The current list of prohibited substances is available at www.wada-ama.org and in the FIM Anti-Doping Code at www.fim-moto.com

By signing this entry form, the participant expressly authorises the FIM to collect and process his personal information to the extent necessary to fulfil precise purposes related to the FIM’s activities as a governing body of motorcycling sport.

The participant is entitled under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or similar applicable law to request that the FIM erase, rectify or provide him with any personal data the FIM holds about him by sending a written request to that effect to gdpr-request@fim.ch

By submitting this entry form, the participant formally acknowledges and accepts unconditionally and irrevocably that the FIM has the full right to use, sub-licence and/or commercially exploit in all forms, via any medium, without charge or limitation (including for any promotional, marketing, advertising, commercial, educational, corporate, ceremonial, historical, internal, archival or informational purposes) any filmed and/or photographic and/or video recorded and/or computer generated images (including video, Internet, NFT, or electronic games) portraying them/him, its/his name(s), motorcycle(s) and wardrobe fittings (including number and helmets) sounds, voice (including but not limited to any statement and/or testimonial) and any sign, logo trademark of any nature or type connected with them/him or its/his motorcycles (the “Material”) which has any connection with his participation in the 2023 FIM Sand Races World Cup or in any FIM sporting or non-sporting event.

As specified in Article 60.5 of the FIM Sporting Code, the participant in an official meeting exonerates the FIM, the FMNR, the CONUs, the FIM promoters, the organisers and the officials, their employees and officers and agents from any and all liability for any loss, damage or injury which he may incur in the course of an official meeting or the training thereof. Article 110.3 of the Sporting Code contains a specific provision.

Furthermore, the participant undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the FIM, the FMNR, the CONUs, the FIM promoters, the organisers, officials, the employees, officers and agents from and against any and all liability to third parties for any loss, damage or injury for which he is jointly and severally liable.

By signing this entry form, the participant acknowledges and agrees that he takes part in an official meeting at his own risk and assumes full responsibility for any and all damages, loss or injury caused to a third party and/or to himself by him or by his motorcycle arising from his participation in an official meeting.

The participant accepts and is fully aware that any necessary information concerning any injury and/or any medical or health status relating to him can be given by the attending doctor to the medical representatives having responsibility for the event (Chief Medical Officer and/or Clerk of the Course and/or Race Director) and to his doctor and relatives.

The participant also undertakes to ensure that he does not at any time causes any prejudice to the FIM or its reputation by his conduct or any public statement he may make. He acknowledges and agrees that any action or misconduct on his part on or outside the “field of play” prejudicial to the interests of the FIM or of motorcycle sport (including but not limited to violent or dishonest conduct, racist, threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting words or behavior) or non-compliance with the instructions and directives of the FIM, the organisers and/or the officials may be sanctioned by the appropriate FIM body.

He accepts and is fully aware that the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland has exclusive jurisdiction to receive any appeal against final decisions handed down by the FIM’s jurisdictional bodies or the FIM’s General Assembly. The dispute will be resolved definitively in accordance with the Code of sports-related arbitration.


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