Annual sporting license FMB

Sports license annual competition FMB

The FMB, Motorsport Vlaanderen and FMWB have, in collaboration with the company Magelan Software, developed a digital application for submitting your license application. You can install this app, My FMB-BMB, on your desktop or laptop (Windows) via the link below. 

After the installation, the application will open automatically and you need to register as a new driver or login if you have already created a user account in the past. Complete all requested information and click on carry on. You will receive an e-mail with an activation code needed to validate your registration. After this validation you need to enter with your user name (e-mail address) and the password you have chosen during the registration. Complete te missing information and click on 'Request a new license' and follow the remaining steps to complete your license file. Read carefully the information below regarding the sports license annual competition.

 Download My FMB-BMB (Windows)


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The FMB Europe Open license
The FIM – FIM Europe license
Club Affiliation 
Documents to be added  
Reduction from 1st of July 
Sports info – regulations




The FMB Europe Open license


You can subscribe to the FMB Europe Open annual license in the following disciplines: Motocross, Road Racing, supermoto, Classic Bike, Enduro, trial, speedway, Belgian Endurance-cross and E-bike.

All these licenses are of the 'Europe Open' type and allow participation in all competitions registered on the FMB calendar and the FIM Europe Open calendar (this calendar can be found on www.fim-europe.com – menu sport – choose your discipline – click on Open calendar at the bottom of the page.

The races in the Netherlands (ONK) and Germany (ADAC) are usually entered on the FIM Europe Open calendar. Please note in France this only applies to the bigger international events. French Championship or local races usually require a French FFM license. Competitions abroad but registered on the FMB sports calendar are of course always accessible with a FMB Europe Open annual license.

! Attention: participation with the FMB Europe Open license in competitions that are not registered on the FMB calendar, nor on the FIM Europe Open calendar (EMN no.), nor organized by the JMS / VLM, VJMO / MCLB and FPCNA Motocross federations, is not covered by this license. The rider will therefore not be insured against accidents and will participate at his own risk.





The FIM – FIM Europe license

If you want to participate in events of the FIM World Championship, the FIM Europe European Championship or FIM international races that are only registered on the FIM international calendar (and not on the FIM Europe Open calendar), choose after having ordered your FMB Europe Open license for an additional FIM WC, FIM Europe EC or FIM international license. The my FMB-BMB program will then automatically calculate the correct rate to pay for both licenses.


! Please note: you cannot subscribe to a FIM / FIM Europe license without first applying for the FMB Europe open license.









  • Personal accident and travel assistance insurances 

The FMB Europe license includes a personal accident insurance that covers you during the above-mentioned races as well as for free practices on circuits all over Europe. It also includes travel assistance insurance for medical costs abroad and repatriation costs.

For the FIM and FIM Europe license, additional FIM coverage is provided for the events registered on the FIM World Championship calendar, the FIM international calendar and the FIM Europe European Championship calendar (not for the Open calendar).


  • Option liability coverage 

At the end of the application procedure in My FMB-BMB, there is the option to subscribe an extra Civil Liability (BA/RC) insurance valid during training on permanent circuit in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. This insurance covers the liability of the riders during training towards third parties (e.g. hitting a spectator next to the track). As a result, no 'Pass circuit' needs to be purchased from the FFM for the training courses in France. A specific certificate is delivered with the license.

! Please note: the KNMV does not recognize this option and requires its circuits to have the KNMV national license endorsed by the riders.

During competitions registered on the FMB calendar, the FIM Europe open calendar and FIM calendars, the Civil Liability of the participants is always covered by an insurance underwritten by the organizers / federations.

Have you had an accident? Then fill in the accident declaration form and send it to the secretariat of the FMWB (in case you have chosen a FMWB club or Motorsport Vlaanderen (in case you have chosen a club in Flanders) as soon as possible.





Club affiliation 

To be able to subscribe to an annual sporting license, the affiliation to a club member of FMWB or Motorsport Vlaanderen is mandatory. In My FMB-BMB you can select your club from the suggested list. The club is automatically notified of your request for affiliation. To be able to deliver the license, the club must confirm your affiliation and license application via its own club module. You can consult a list of clubs per province with contact details via the following link

– Clubs member of FMWB

– Clubs member of Motorsport Vlaanderen






The following documents must be added to your My FMB-BMB file (see menu 'documents' in My FMB-BMB):

  • Copy of identity card (one-off). However, this is only necessary if you have not done the registration with your electronic identity card (E-ID) on the basis of a card reader. We recommend using this option, which will automatically and correctly fill in various fields. For foreign riders a copy of the passeport is also accepted (scan and added to My FMB-BMB)
  • Medical certificate (annual).  An annual medical examination must be carried out by a recognized sports doctor in your country. Provide your doctor with the medical examination forms and the medical certificate. Only the medical certificate signed by the doctor should be included in your license application file in My FMB-BMB.
  • Parental authorization  (annual and only for minors). This form must be signed by the legal representatives. Attention: the signatures have to be confirmed by the municipal administration!
  • Riders' release (annual and only riders living abroad).  Riders residing abroad must apply for a riders' release to the national federation of their place of residence. This is only required for the FMB Europe Open license and / or FIM / FIM Europe licence. Please note, various national federations charge an administrative fee for this.





Tariffs and payment

An overview of the prices of the different licenses is available on the website of the FMWB (direct link) or Motorsport Vlaanderen (direct link).

! Please note: payment for the license must be made via the My FMB-BMB application. At the end of the procedure, you click on "Pay for my licenses". Then you will be transferred to the 'Multisafepay' payment platform to settle the payment either by bank card (Maestro), credit card or by bank transfer (it is possible that a foreign bank account will be presented, this does not pose any problems ). 






Discount from 1st of July

Riders who subscribe their FMB Europe Open license after July 1st, can enjoy a discount of approximately 30% on the total cost of the license. The license must then be subscribed from 1 July via the My FMB-BMB application. It is already possible to create your account in the My FMB-BMB application earlier on (if you do not have one yet) and add the necessary documents. You then submit the license application from 1 July so that the discount rate can be calculated.





Sportinfo – regulations

If you want to know more about the different sports and technical regulations (classes, ages, entries, etc.), choose your discipline via the menu motorsport for all practical information. The riders are supposed to be aware of these regulations, so take the time to read them carefully!





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